Get on your FEAT For Every AThelte

FEAT-HB-46 handball wheelchair


Handball wheelchair 46cm wide

Available again from August

Add to cart  680,00 incl. BTW
handball wheelchair

FEAT-HB-41 handball wheelchair


Handball wheelchair 41cm

Available again from August

Add to cart  670,00 incl. BTW



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parts & accessories

Handball wheelchair wheels 26″

Price is per set of 2 pieces

Add to cart  130,00 incl. BTW

Wheelchair wheels storage bag

This wheelchair wheel storage bag fits 2 wheels and is available again at the end of August.

Add to cart  29,50 incl. BTW

Adjustable footrest clamp

Aluminum clamp to adjust your footrest. price is per set of 2 pieces.

Add to cart  15,50 incl. BTW

Ankle fixation band

Ankle fixation strap, to hold your lower legs in place, available again in late August.

Add to cart  17,50 incl. BTW
Spokes protector

Spoke guard transparent

Transparent Spoke shield special for our wheelchair Price is per set of 2 pieces

Add to cart  55,00 incl. BTW

Wheelchair wheel Quick release axle

Quick release wheelchair wheel Axle diameter 12.7mm x 112mm. Price is per piece.

Add to cart  31,00 incl. BTW

Adjustable safety strap

Adjustable safety leg strap. Made of sturdy Polyester material

Add to cart  26,50 incl. BTW


FEAT A wheelchair For Every Athlete

Our FEAT handball wheelchairs are intended for recreational athletes. Our entry-level model FEAT-HB makes it possible for everyone to exercise comfortably, with or without disabilities.

The FEAT-HB sports wheelchair has been developed since 2015 in collaboration with the NHV specifically for wheelchair handball. We are now working on our 4th version.

Maneuverability, acceleration and stability when throwing and turning, among other things, are a few key features that the FEAT-HB handball wheelchair meets. We also listen carefully to feedback from players and clubs, in order to innovate the FEAT-HB even further. It’s often about the details that make the difference… We have chosen to produce the FEAT-HB handball wheelchair in 2 standard width sizes, 41cm and 46cm, and with a seat height of over 53cm it is accessible to almost everyone. Maximum player weight 100kg. I would say “Get on your FEAT”.



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