about us

FEAT sports wheelchairs have been developed by VRIEVORM:

A multi-disciplinary product development and design company…… which  combines applied art and technology to translate your ideas into innovative products.

Started by Maarten Vriethoff, with his background in Jewelery design and production and more than 20 years experience in production (especially in China), concept and product development. VRIEVORM ensures that organizations are able to bring their ideas and products to the market.

The handball sportswheelchairs project initiated by the NHV (Dutch Handball Federation) , therefore fits perfectly within our working method and expertise. Product development never stops … We are constantly innovating, getting our athletes involved. It is the details that make a difference!

We do not limit ourselves to 1 specific industry or product group. This allows us to take a fresh look at a (new) product concept or production technique. We are currently developing and producing products in the following markets:

  • Small consumer goods
  • Home care and hospital products
  • Sports equipment
  • Industrial products and machinery

Interested in what else we are doing…go to our website or contact us www.vrievom.com